Finance your investment projects

Finance your investment projects

PMML’s approach to real estate plex financing is that of a partnership with its clients. Our experts cover the entire province of Quebec and are able to provide a specialized service with the sole objective of your project’s progress.

Plex of 2 to 4 units

All small plexes of 2 to 4 units are financed according to your personal financial situation. To determine the amount of financing to which you will be entitled, it is important to be well accompanied and advised by a broker, in order to establish your financing strategy adequately.

5 to 8 unit Plex

Income properties of 5 to 8 units can be financed according to two methods: 

1 – According to your personal financial capacity

2 – Based on the economic value of the property

When the financing method is based on your personal financial capacity, an approved evaluation report will be ordered by the bank. When the financing is based on the economic value method, an approved evaluation will have to be provided by the investor. * To obtain the best advice for your financing, contact your PMML broker.

Multi-unit financing (commercial)

It is possible to make a down payment of only 15% of the loan value for 5 units buildings and more (or 25% if you would rather avoid using CMHC). This is established according to several economic metrics that vary from one sector to another and from one bank to another. 

For this reason, and prior to your purchase, don’t hesitate to download our market reports to study your sector, which is why it is important not to give in to the urge or to fear and to make your calculations before buying.

*It is important to contact one of our specialized mortgage brokers in order to obtain the appropriate information for your personal needs.

Fill out the form below and we will prepare an economic evaluation for your building. 

* Please note that this evaluation is free and does not inquire any obligation